Seven Point is a private investment firm dedicated to achieving superior long-term capital appreciation for our investors.

The foundation of our investment strategy is built on fundamental industry analysis. We begin by identifying and targeting business sectors with a greater potential for growth than the general economy over the long term and across economic cycles. Within these attractive industries, we acquire companies with established market positions that have the potential for significantly improved performance. Seven Point’s operational and capital resources proactively drive outsized investment returns by accelerating the growth rates and levels of profitability of the businesses we own.

Our non-institutional sources of capital enable us to invest patiently over a long time horizon. We seek to maximize returns expressed as a multiple of invested capital, as opposed to short-term rates of return resulting from high-velocity investment turnover. Our long-term investment orientation supports the organizational and operational transformation of the companies we own, creating multiple paths for value creation and, ultimately, above-average returns for our investors.

We have a clear investment vision: we commit our capital in businesses only when we can acquire companies at reasonable valuations and improve fundamental enterprise value through operational transformation. Our active involvement in our businesses is led by our talented Seven Point Operating Partners, all of whom have demonstrated their ability to transform organizations and build fundamental value. As a team, our strategy leverages more than 300 years of combined real-world investment and operating experience at top-tier companies across multiple geographies and business cycles.

We focus primarily on investing in North American businesses, but we have global investment interest and the experience to deploy capital flexibly anywhere in the world.

Since our first acquisition in 2014, we have successfully executed Seven Point’s strategy through multiple business transformations and have established a strong investment track record.

A Belief in People

We believe in human capital and the transformative potential of talented operating executives and highly motivated employees company-wide. Our investment strategy centers on the ability of our experienced Operating Partners to drive fundamental improvement in the businesses we acquire. We invest in companies only when our Operating Partners, who serve either as active board members or as part of the senior management team, can develop clear and achievable plans for increasing revenues, improving profits, and raising returns on invested capital. We understand the powerful effect outstanding leadership has on employees throughout an organization. Business transformations are an all-hands-on effort, and we recognize the importance of building a winning and supportive culture throughout an organization.

Long-Term Thinking

Our investors expect us to achieve exceptional returns over a long-term investment horizon, not churn our investments for short-term gains. We understand that real operational transformation takes time, and we back managers patiently as they do the hard work necessary to build great businesses and create fundamental enterprise value.

A Contrarian Value Perspective

We have an abiding faith that focused hard work can overcome many business challenges and that tremendous opportunity can be found in temporarily out-of-favor industry sectors. As a result of our Operating Partner resources and patient investment perspective, we are particularly well-suited to invest in complex situations involving fundamentally sound companies with short-term business problems, business cycle challenges, capital structure limitations, or management transition issues.

Risk Management

We seek to invest when the ability to drive value creation is heavily weighted toward factors we can control. Given the deep experience of our Operating Partners, such factors typically involve company-specific operational challenges we can address aggressively and with a high probability of success. This orientation has driven superior returns for our investors, both on an absolute basis and relative to the risk dynamics of our investments.

Integrity and Partnership

We value our relationships and strive to work in a constructive, straightforward manner with the highest level of integrity. Consistent with the values of our firm’s principals, we believe that working in a respectful and collaborative way with management teams, employees, investors, lenders, intermediaries, and co-owners of our businesses is a critical element of building lasting enterprise value.

Operating Partners

Seven Point’s Operating Partners provide the catalyst for operational transformation and fundamental value creation at the businesses in which we invest. Our approach marries the talents of world class operating executives with the needs of businesses that are often constrained in resources and vision.

We are always interested in working with great operators and potential partners. Please contact Tom Burchill or Mark Kammert directly if you have:

  • Demonstrated experience in creating business enterprise value as a CEO, COO or divisional manager
  • A disciplined approach to driving operational transformation, which may incorporate elements of Lean manufacturing or other leading corporate business systems
  • A desire to build significant personal wealth by participating through equity ownership and other economics in the fundamental value we build together as a team
  • A hardworking, hands-on entrepreneurial mindset that can adapt to the challenges of middle market businesses
  • A vision for building a leading, globally competitive company in one or more specific sectors or industries
  • High standards of integrity and fairness
Investment Criteria

We work together with our Operating Partners to develop a focus on specific industries of interest for investment. We target sectors where there are drivers for long-term growth as a result of:

  • Industry demand cycles
  • Macroeconomic trends affecting specific industries
  • Trends in product substitution or technological change
  • Developments in industry structure
  • Competitive advantages or barriers to entry that benefit certain types of companies

We have experience and capabilities across a range of industries, and relationships with Operating Partners in those industries who add significant value. Currently, we are focused on the following industry sectors:

  • Industrial manufacturing and distribution, particularly:
    • Medical products
    • Building products
    • Aerospace products
    • Electrical components
    • Highly engineered industrial products
  • Business services

We have a broad investment mandate and capabilities. Generally, we target control equity investments of $15 million to $100 million in middle market companies, primarily in North America. The businesses in which we invest typically have EBITDA ranging from negative to $30 million and revenues of between $25 million and $300 million, and we can partner with our investment sources to apply our investment strategy successfully to larger companies. In addition, we actively seek add-on acquisition opportunities for companies we already own.

Seven Point Businesses

The Seven Point Foundation was established to invest back into the communities in which our companies operate. Each year, our operating businesses and the Seven Point Foundation sponsor and participate in projects promoting the well-being and vibrancy of the communities in which Seven Point companies have facilities. We are grateful for the support these communities provide our businesses, and we seek to be a positive, lasting force where we operate.


The Seven Point Team

Seven Point’s investment team is led by Tom Burchill and Mark Kammert, who have invested over $1 billion in private equity transactions over the past 30 years.

Operating Partners

Seven Point works actively with over a dozen Operating Partners who have diverse backgrounds in the industrial manufacturing and distribution, business services, and financial services sectors. Profiles of selected Operating Partners appear below.

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